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Life can be both, wonderful and painful


​Cultural layers can enrich our lives and at times make it more difficult: 

  • Did you move to the US for work, school or any other circumstance?

  • Are your parents immigrants?

  • Were you raised in a multicultural family?

  • Are you an immigrant?

  • Do you love this country and also miss your country of origin?

  • Are you strongly connected to another culture?


Contact me if you are ready to process your experiences and embrace who you are?

Therapist for women in California

Replenish Health Power
Dr. Anabel Plasencia

Licensed Psychologist

Choosing a psychotherapist can be a taxing and confusing process, especially during difficult times. Psychologists offer valuable knowledge and guidance to help their clients. Above and beyond these aspects, it is important for an individual to feel understood, heard, and comfortable with their therapist. Many times the effect of therapy is difficult to measure, which in some cases may lead to frustration specially for those who come to my office expecting immediate results. I have found that many of my clients benefit the most when they are committed to at least an eight session plan which includes assessing the needs of service and developing a treatment plan. If we work together, I will make the following commitments to you:


  • To do my best to build a therapeutic relationship between us based on harmony, trust, and respect

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment where you will be listened to and validated

  • To support you in the development and reinforcement of your own inner-strength by improving your self-esteem, self-efficacy and overall wellbeing

  • To offer guidance and encouragement when you need it, including finding the balance between pushing you out of your comfort zone and providing a healing environment

  • To continue to cultivate and develop myself as a psychologist so that I can adapt and address your ongoing needs 

Replenish your health and power through individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy in Kentfield, CA



   Most people are strong, caring, and smart by nature. Yet, there are times in our lives when we lose our sense of belonging and emotional stability. If you are reading these words, it has probably been a while since you felt like yourself; strong and satisfied with your sense of agency. Something is off and preventing you from living the way you would like. There could be a myriad of reasons for you to feel this way and the fact that you are aware of the situation and seeking professional assistance tells me you are invested in your well-being; how brave!

   I invite you to replenish your health and power through individual therapy.  I have designed this therapeutic process for self-reflection, grounding, and resetting. Infuse yourself with nutrients from the center of your gravity; initiate recovery and establish the internal stability you once had.

Treatments and Specialties

I provide individual therapy for individuals using a dynamic approach fostering self-exploration, decision-making, and empowerment. I build on my clients' overall strengths and tailor interventions according to their needs.

I provide a respectful and productive therapeutic approach for couples interested in working on issues affecting the dynamic of their relationship. Some times their commitment is to improve the impact they have on other members of the family such as their children.

At times we feel overwhelmed and incapable of finding meaning and motivation. Anxiety, stress, and depression are defined by the expression of symptoms that often interfere with the quality of our lives.

Born in Europe, to a father from Spain and a mother from Venezuela, I use a bilingual-multicultural approach that helps me widen the perspective I use to understand my clients' experiences. I strive to appreciate the perspective of my clients, regardless of where they were born and the circumstances that have shaped them into the individuals they are today.

Full presence; Relaxed body, open heart and a clear mind!  A holistic understanding and experience of who we are. The integration of our Mind, Body and that essential aspect, often difficult to explain, that many call “Spirit or Soul.” 

Day long retreats

These are occasional retreats, an hour and a half from Marin County in a serene setting surrounded by redwoods.  Day long retreats are offered during Spring, Summer and early Fall for a group of about 10 people. We usually meet from 10:30am to 4pm and I provide a light lunch, mindfulness practice and sometimes an hour of yoga. Although the expectation is to remain in silence for some of the activities, we also spend time engaging with each.

These are not big gatherings taking place in big buildings and so they feel more like a unique tailored experience.

Please, contact me if you would like to have your group participate in one of these retreats.

Women-Connecting Group

There is a time in our lives where things don't make much sense and so we tend to question the choices we have made along the way. We spend emotional energy meditating about our current status and the plans we have in store for our future. It does not mean that we are totally unhappy or that everything in our lives feels wrong. However, we can sense a lingering unsynchronized state where our beliefs, feelings and thoughts don't aligned.

This women connecting group is an ongoing gathering for a small number of women ready to engage with other women, cultivating their own sense of agency and empowerment.

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