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Psychotherapy for women


 Vilma Reyes, Psy.D.
Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF/SFGH

“Anabel has made a difference in many people's lives by providing compassionate, trauma-informed individual, family and group psychotherapy. She is talented, committed and well prepared to help clients recover from difficult experiences. She uses mindfulness skills masterfully in individuals and groups. “

Regina Vindel
Work Force Career Supervisor,
Canal Alliance

“I had the pleasure to have met Dr. Plasencia at my organization where she started a group in our department that she called  'Reflective Space.'  We would meet twice a month and it was a moment for all of us to share how we felt about certain work related issues, finding practical ways to becoming more functional at work. I was very much at peace at those moments, and I miss them. Dr. Plasencia provided precious guidance and support.”

Maria J. Prieto, PhD. Clinical Neuropsychologist, private practice

"I have known Dr. Plasencia for over 20 years. She has consistently displayed a dedication to her work that is seldom matched. Eager to stand by our practice's ethical and professional standards, Dr. Plasencia has also approached complex cases with great compassion."

Barclay Stone, Psy.D.
Staff psychologis

"Dr. Plasencia excels at creating a warm, inviting space for clients.

She has a flexible, creative approach to therapy in which she blends psychological science and cultural considerations to tailor the work to each person. She is skilled at adapting mindfulness approaches for people of all ages and cultures, and people report significant relief from anxiety and increased self-esteem after working with her."

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