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Wellness mindfulness retreats for women in Caifornia

Restore, Replenish, Revive


These wellness retreats are thought out to minimize our technological dependency to be connected "all the time." There is no phone, computer, tablet, etc. use. The purpose is to declutter our saturated minds giving us a chance to reset and become intuned with ourselves.

Punto De Encuentro

Overwhelming exposure to any type of information leads to saturation points making it very difficult for us to organize our ideas and emotions. Often we become confused and less receptive to our surroundings. Punto de Encuentro, meaning point of encounter or convergence, will be the theme throughout the stay at these retreats. Distancing ourselves from the chaos is necessary to regather ourselves.


Disconnecting from technology, submerging in nature, and expanding silent moments are ways to replenish our healthy power as human beings. These are not religious retreats and any spiritual/religious engagement will happen naturally as part of who you are and to the extent to which it feels beneficial to you. Here is where we are going to work on connecting with ourselves as individuals as well as understanding and improving the quality of connections we share with our environment.


The idea is to dissolve any cognitive dissonance we are experiencing and at the same time integrate all aspects of our reality in a way in which embracing our agency is possible.

Reflective Space

This concept is fulfilled by providing a healthy environment which is highly conducive to the exploration and investigations of issues important to you. With guidance and practice, it will become second nature to come up with different perspectives and useful discernment.


Contemplation, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques will reinforce our capacity to become alert and calm. As we practice centering and grounding, we will likely increase our overall stability. 


Consultation is a space designed to bounce back ideas and decisions integrating what you have taken away from the reflective space and your mindfulness experience.

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